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We want the items you buy to fit so you can enjoy wearing them. Clothing is manufactured all over the world with different sizing parameters, we measured each item to provide you with measurements. Please find one of your T-Shirt's that fits you well, lay it flat and measure the chest half width just under the sleeves from one side to the other and the length from the top of the shoulder (right next to the opening for your head) straight down to the bottom hem.  We used these measurements to size the garment according to our standardized North American sizing charts. Please compare the sizing description for the item, to your T-shirt measurements to be certain the item will fit. We recommend buying a little larger size, rather than smaller to give a little extra room that it will fit comfortably.

Note in our description of the item

Chest = Width or half chest measurement from armpit to armpit in inches or cm when item is lying flat.

Length = the measurement from the shoulder seam to bottom of hem in inches or cm when item is lying flat.


Adult T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Men's Women's Measurements Inches Measurements cm
Small 34-36 6-8 18" Width
28" Length
46cm Width
71cm Length
Medium 38-40 10-12 20" Width
29" Length
51cm Width
74cm Length
Large 42-44 14-16 22" Width
30" Length
56cm Width
76cm Length
XLarge 46-48 18-20 24" Width
31" Length
61cm Width
79cm Length
2XLarge 50-52 22-24 26" Width
32" Length
66cm Width
81cm Length
3XLarge 54-56 26-28 28" Width
33" Length
71cm Width
84cm Length
4XLarge 58-60 30-32 30" Width
34" Length
76cm Width
86cm Length


Adult Jersey / Sweatshirt / Hoodie / Jacket Size Chart

Size Measurements Inches Measurements cm
Small 19" Width
25.5" Length
48cm Width
65cm Length
Medium 22" Width
26.5" Length
56cm Width
67cm Length
Large 23.5" Width
28" Length
60cm Width
71cm Length
XLarge 25" Width
29" Length
64cm Width
74cm Length
2XLarge 27.5" Width
30" Length
70cm Width
76cm Length

Jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies should fit more loosely, so we recommend you order one size larger than you normally wear in a T-Shirt size


Youth T-shirt Size Chart

Size Alt-Size Ages Measurements Inches Measurements cm
Small 6-8 6-8 Years Old 17" Width
22.5" Length
43cm Width
57cm Length
Medium 10-12 9-10 Years Old
18" Width
24" Length
46cm Width
61cm Length
Large 14-16 11-12 Years Old
19" Width
25" Length
48cm Width
64cm Length



Toddler T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Age
Measurements Inches
Measurements cm
3T 3 Years Old
12" Width
15" Length
31cm Width
38cm Length
4T 4 Years Old
13" Width
16" Length
33cm Width
41cm Length
5T 5 Years Old
14" Width
18" Length
36cm Width
46cm Length

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