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Vintage 1990 Fleer Fifth Anniversary Edition 6 unopened wax packs bundle

$99.99 $300.00


These were purchased from a second hand store

The unopened wax packs containing 15 cards each, are taped into bundles of 6 packs per bundle with packing tape, presumably so people wouldn't open them

we have left them bundled as is

they appear to be all original, unhampered and unopened

MICHAEL JORDAN! Shawn Kemp RC 1992 Dream Team pros, Tim Hardaway rookie, Shawn Kemp rookie, Glenn Rice rookie

we took apart one bundle and opened one pack as a test to see what cards were in it , the last picture is what it contained, according to online price guides the contents of this pack is worth $22, so we are confidant these packs are unopened but we cannot guarantee this. Check out the values of these cards online independently. The front and back cards show through a little bit, but we wont take the bundles apart, the one displayed here for example appears to be the #9 Dennis Johnson card on the back, again I cannot guarantee what cards are in the packs.

There are currently 33 intact bundles remaining containing 6 wax packs per bundle

$99.99 per bundle (6 wax packs)


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